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We foster meaningful relationships as we earn the trust of our clients.  We are the very definition of home health care.
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Serene Home Healthcare, Inc. offers a complimentary consultation and assessment of your home health care needs.
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Medical Social Services

The comfort you seek isn’t always found in medication.  Sometimes the support you need is more than what a recovery or treatment program can give you.

Because home health care services are comprehensive, every aspect of your health is taken into account – physical health and emotional stability.  Our Medical Social Workers help you with the latter.

Medical Social Services include:

  • Hospital Discharge Assistance
  • Rehabilitation Guidance
  • Conflict Resolution / Domestic Issues / Family Counseling
  • Assistance in acquiring Home Health Services
  • Bereavement / Grief Counseling

Talk to us and get the assistance you need.  Call 408-448-8877.